$20 Boss

$20 Boss

Created by the Foundation for Young Australians $20 Boss provides educators with the tools and frameworks to facilitate important enterprise learning. The world of work is changing and schools need to prepare students by creating opportunities to build valuable skills like financial literacy, teamwork and entrepreneurship.
$20 Boss participants move through a series of phases designed to promote critical and creative thinking. They identify a problem they are aiming to solve through their social enterprises and the positive impact they are seeking to have in their local communities. They design, prototype and test their innovative product or service ideas, in readiness for business trading. Students were given a $20 budget to purchase their materials to create their product or service. The $20 is paid back and 50% of their profit is being donated to their charity of choice.

Created by Claire & Chelsea

Have you ever wished on a hot and sweaty summer day that you were eating a delicious, cold, refreshing ice-cream?  Well that’s what our business is all about!  We will have a stall called CC’s Cold Deluxe on the day of the fair.  If you want your wish to come true, then come and buy an ice-cream for only $2.50. We believe that everyone deserves a nice, scrumptious, yummy ice-cream for all their hard work they’ve done during the day.  Whilst treating yourself by buying an ice-cream, you’re also treating other kids on hot summer days by giving the P&C money to purchase air-conditioning for our classrooms so our children don’t have to suffer.  Treat yourself whilst also treating others.

Created by Georgina

“Oh No! I’m late for school and I can’t find my hair tie and ribbon.” Does this sound familiar? Well with Georgina’s Heartfelt Hair Scrunchies this will not be happening. Come along to my store at the CRSS fair and buy a scrunchie, a hand made hair accessory that can be worn with our school uniform. Or choose from a selection of scrunchies to wear on weekends. Don’t forget that 50% percent of profit will go towards The Heart Foundation. See you there!!

Created by Hannah & Abbey

Have you ever experienced the sensation of reading in a bath of bubbles? This is what Bubbles of Bliss will provide. Did you know that 56 billion land animals die a year? If you want to stop this horrific act, then buy our product so we can donate 50% of our profits to the RSPCA.

Created by Ms Parker

Have you ever planted a seed and watched it grow? Maybe you’ve just noticed plants and beautiful flowers magically spring from the ground now and then. Come on over to the Magical Market Garden Stall at the fair to learn all about how plants grow and while you are there, why not purchase your very own hand decorated pot (made from recycled plastic bottles)? Add some seeds and make the magic happen for yourself. Profit goes towards The Gold Coast Project for Homeless Youth Foundation. Everyone deserves to grow and be nurtured!

Created by Cooper

KIDS….We’re awesome! We’re fun, creative and use our imagination all the time! Whether it’s writing about sailing across the seven seas on a pirate ship or drawing a giant alien eating the Eiffel Tower. Stop on by the Kids R Us stall at the CRSS Fair to get some fun and colourful supplies for your creative projects.

Who doesn’t love animals? Each product you buy from us will directly support the RSPCA, where beautiful, loving animals are waiting for their new home.

Kids R Us – Handmade stationery, for the kid in everyone.

Created by Summer and Ruby

Display your special memories or inspirational quotes with our stylish collection of photo holders! Inspired by a pretty pastel palette, our handmade creations are designed to blend in with any decor. You can display your photo holders in your bedroom, on your desk or around the house. Sure to delight any age, they also make the perfect gift! Half of the profit made from our stall will go towards Red Kite, a children’s cancer program.

Created by Joshua & Daniel

Introducing VR Hub.  Go anywhere without leaving the comfort of your seat.  Look around to see amazing things in 360 degrees in Virtual Reality.  Walk with the dinosaurs, scuba dive in the ocean, fly an aircraft or ride a giant roller coaster.   Make sure you visit VR Hub at the fair to experience it for yourself.   What a cool experience and to make it even cooler 50% of profits goes towards raising money for the P&C for airconditioning.

Created by Joshua & Lewis

If you like playing with something slippery and slimy we’ve got the best slime at our market stall. Come down to Slime Time to choose your favourite colour. We even have rainbow glitter slime. Buy one for you and one for a friend. Just look for the green Slime Time sign.  50% of profit will be donated to the Animal Welfare League.

Created by Lacey, Ava & Laila

Have you ever heard of cookie pizza or in other words Pookies?  If the sound of this delicious food makes you hungry, then you’re in luck because Pookies are coming to the school fair.  Just $3 per slice or two for $5.00.  Profit made from Pookies will be donated to World Hunger. “If you eat you can beat – World Hunger!”

Created by Khalani

When it’s time to get to work in the classroom, which tools do you reach for?  Even in digital classrooms, you’ll probably need to reach for a pencil sooner or later. When that time comes, what do you look for? Chances are you search for your favourite pencil.  The Pencil Topper pencil is a favourite for many, hand decorated, sleek and stylish.  Why not get your own?  50% of profit will go towards Boob Buddies, a great organisation who help children and adults cope with the unseen emotional side-effect of cancer. 

Created by Mia Pinnington

What do you call a game with a 3 x 3 grid and an X to start? 

If you lived in England, you’d probably call it noughts and crosses. If you were in Canada or Ireland, you might call it Xs and Os and if you were in the United States, you’re definitely playing tic-tac-toe! 

At Coomera Rivers though, we are calling the game, Hugs & Kisses. 

Did you realise that there are 362,800 unique ways to place Xs and Os into the grid and with only 138 unique winning combinations, Hugs & Kisses is a relatively easy game for players of all ages.

Your game comes in a handy carry bag, perfect for taking anywhere and at only $2.00, there is no need for pencils and paper when you have a Hugs and Kisses game. 

All profits go towards keeping our school the coolest around with 100% of sales being donated to our P&C air-conditioning funds.

Created by Oliver

Can you smell that? Mmmmm…smells like the sweet aroma of baked cookies. 
Are you hungry yet? Be sure to come along to Ollie D’s Crumtious Cookies stall at the fair to sink your teeth into some delicious cookies.  50% of profit goes to the RSPCA for all creatures great and small. 

Created by Sebe, Henry, & Kade

Welcome to SHK Cupcakes. We have the most delicious cupcakes in the world. We also have very good service. You can choose from various types of cupcakes and we have the best prices around. By buying our cupcakes you are helping to raise money for the air-conditioning of our school.
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